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5 Signs You're Ready For Law School

Law school is no walk in the park, and the most successful students know what they are signing up for before they get there. 


How To Slay Your 1st Semester Of Law School

6 simple steps to make your first semester of law school a little more bearable.


Changes to expect during your Law School Journey

Incoming 1Ls:  Everything is about to change. The most surprising change? You.


Taking the Bar Exam? Here's what you need to know

15 tasks you can get started on today for bar exam success.


20 Questions Answered About The Bar Exam

Make sure you research the specific requirements in your jurisdiction and formulate financial and study plans ASAP.


7 Things You Need To Know As A First-Year Attorney

Remember that time you thought law school prepared you to practice law? About that...


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Career Fair at Columbia University

Ivy Grad Services attended the Her Legacy Conference Career Fair on January 26, 2018, hosted by Columbia University

Entrepreneur Panel

Ivy Grad Services presented to college students at a Black History Month event on February 8, 2018, hosted by Guttman Community College

Spring Career Fair at Columbia University

Spring 2018 Career Fair on February 16, 2018, hosted by the Center for Career Education at Columbia University 

Ms.JD's 10th Annual Conference on Women in the Law

Presented on the "Start Up Stories" panel at the Ms.JD Conference on Women in the Law on March 9, 2018, hosted by UCLA Law School  

50th NBLSA National Convention Pre-Law Symposium

Presented on the Law School Admissions Process at the 50th National Convention Pre-Law Symposium on March 17, 2018, hosted by the National Black Law Students Association  

The 5th Annual National Diversity Pre-Law Conference & Law Fair 2018

Presented at the Pre-Law Conference & Law Fair on April 5-7, 2018, hosted by National Pre-Law Diversity Initiatives, Inc. in D.C.